The Barbershop

Bare with me here people as this is my forst drunken blog and it's about the barber shop. A little background from todays events but I recently came from a wedding with an open bar. Need  I say mroe? To prepare for this event I had to pay a visit to the "Barber Shop." Now for decades the barber shop has always been a safe haven for men and women respectively except women have their hair salons or whatever the fuck. But I had never really appreciated it as such, a safe haven for men, until today.It's a place where men can truley let their guard down btu not without consequence as no one is safe from the all knowing altruistic barber who will pick you apart in front of your fellow man without any warning whatsoever. In there you can knock a few cold ones down while waiting for your right to sit on big boy chair as he hacks away at your protein appendages protruding from your head.As a child I used to hate the barber shop and I used to see the same old faces hanging around there all the time but now I knid of realize why. My barber personally is fresh out of a divorce so he is bitter as ever but funny as hell. And of course this kid came in who was getting married, today in your shotgun wedding fashion, cause he was going away tyo the military, he left with a little life lesson from the bitt4er barber. In between ever few haircuts or so we'd play a quick round of Left Right Center. Talk some sports (even though I dont follow any sport known to man) and make fun of a few more patrons. It's pretty much the only place you get made fun of and still pay.

I'm  getting tired of writing this blog but I started off strong at least. Drunk blogging is n ot my thing but if it was it'd go somethinglike this. Hell, sober blogging isn't even my thing. I tried warm sake for the first time the other nigfht. I dont know how I feel about it. Something about it being warm didnt make it feel right even though it goes down smooth as hell and makes you feel all wamr and fuzzy inside.

 Happy 4th of July! Long live America!

Uploaded 07/04/2009
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