The Beautiful Flows of NutGobbler

Jellymad, by NutGobbler.
"When you're messin' with the Nut, it's about to get aweful. - Fuck your shit up like your bitches' blue waffle. - Nyyank be strollin' with a billion and three features. - Nut be trollin' like those little green creatures. - Hate to be braggin' but I got a lot of clout. - If you hate teabaggin', best log the fuck out."

Big Thick Hammer, by NutGobbler.
"Pardon my grammar, they call me big dick rammer. - Bitches be getting' nailed by my big thick hammer. - Niggas best hide ya girl cause I'm gonna slam her. - Like a comment from nyyank, I'm gonna spam her. - Like squeezin' into skinny ass jeans, I'm gonna cram her."

Not Too Sexual, by NutGobbler.
"Who's afraid of my big bad weenie? - Rub it and see if it's got a genie. - Wanna make disappear, this 10-inch zucchini? - Go at it just like Houdini. -- N-U-T to the Gobbler rappin' - I wanna see those butt cheeks flappin'. - Nut want the honeys with big back doors, so drop them drawers, whores."

Sexual Healing, by NutGobbler.
"Took your bitch home because she was willin' - Sat her on the couch and she started kneelin' - Took her panties off like bananas peelin' - Bitch jumped on top and started squeelin' - Spin her around like a fan on the ceilin' - Bend that bitch over and commence the drillin' - Fuck her so hard her legs lost feelin' - Gave that bitch my steak like Foreman grillin'."

Dinner Party, by NutGobbler.
"Drop 'em and shake it girl - you won't break it. Leave enough room for me to take it. Nut likes to
get down and make it - when the bitch is large and naked. Talkin' bout a booty with meat on them bones, two scoops of chocolate, hold the cones. Wanna hit your pleasure zone - NutGobbler gonna make ya moan!"

Miscellaneous Rhymes

Whack it, smack it, gonna attack it. Hot bitches like pancakes, gonna stack it. Pour my hot syrup all over your chest, open up your mouth and take the rest. Buttery hot skin, make your pussy melt. Biggest hard dick you've ever felt.


Jingle jingle, they call me Kris Kringle. I got gifts that make your pussy tingle.

They call me Sexual Thrill, I spent a mil on my grill. I make the Kumo's squeal, when I take the wheel. 

They call me Ankle Spanker, I got a big ol wanker. Bend you bitch over and start to spank her. Always gettin' me off, but never thank her. 

I blew a lotta money, call me Scrooge McDuck. I screw a lotta honeys, call it givin' a fuck. I'm slidin' 'round the corners, call it pumpin' the brakes. Your bitch is ridin' boners, call it raising the stakes.

Bitches always on my dick, making me feel so good. Got my jimmy so hard, they call me James Woods. Your bitch is on my dick, she be takin' it all. I be fingering that trick like a bowling ball. 
Uploaded 10/06/2011
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