The Bedding Ceremony

If you watched this week's episode of Game Of Thrones, you might wonder if the bedding ceremony mentioned there is some kind of a Medieval tradition. Anther thing is - the show doesn't show what the bedding ceremony actually is, although the Jewish chick Robb married seemed appalled by it.

The thing is, there was no such thing as a bedding ceremony nowhere in medieval tradition. The bedding ceremony is something from the books written by R.R. Martin, the author of the Game Of Thrones book series.

What is a bedding ceremony? I'm not a nerd to have read the GOT books. A reasonable guess would be that the guests watch the bride and groom fuck. They started disrobing them in this week's episode as they carried them to their bedroom.

If that's the case, I guess it's rather impossible to have been a Medieval tradition? Why? It's obvious. I wouldn't want people watching me fuck on my wedding night. It would be kinda kinky, but that's invasion of privacy. Now think of it as a Medieval tradition. I know they didn't have porn then, but people were prudes in those times.

On the other hand, there used to be a tradition that the noble had the right to fuck any bride before her husband does on her wedding night if it happened on his lands. Seriously.

But if the bedding ceremony was a simple carrying of the bride and groom to the bedroom and taking their clothes off, I guess it might've been something cool and entertaining to both the guests and the newly wed. I wouldn't want people stripping me and carrying me to my bedroom this friday, though. No matter how drunk I would be.

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