The beginning to my new year

So I thought I would share with you guys the greatest beginning to a new year I've had in a while. I flew in a small, four seater plane pretty much all the way around Central Florida. (my neighbor is a pilot and has a plane) It was probably the most amazing experience I have ever had and I highly recommend it to anyone who can do something like that.

We first took off in Orlando and headed out to Ocala. I must say that even though Orlando is pretty built up, but when you really look at it, there is a shitload of land still available. I mean a SHIT load. People just can't cry about bugs and shit because most of it is forest or near wetlands. It was beautiful though. I have quite a few pictures of the national forest there and it looks pretty sweet. 


Then we headed up to Gainesville and I finally understood why Gator fans are such a passionate group about football. There is absolutely jack shit in Gainesville.


We went north to St. Augustine and passed over the St. Johns river. It is fucking huge. There is also some big ass lakes that branch off of the St. Johns. We were about 10 miles away from one and I was still only able to get half of it in my camera. That was sitting about a mile up too. Once we got to St. Augustine we landed and grabbed lunch.


After lunch, we took off and followed the coast back towards Orlando. I got the most amazing picture of the intercoastal waters. It looks a lot like a delta if you've ever seen one of those. The coast looks pretty badass as well because it is the ocean, then about a mile of land, and then ocean again. Beautiful.


We landed back in Orlando and I was sad. It was one of the greatest things I've experienced. If you know any pilots and get the chance to fly over some undeveloped land, do it. Well that's about it. Thanks for reading.



Uploaded 01/02/2009
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