The Bell Witch

If any of you have ever seen the movie "An American Haunting" you have probably heard it was based on a true story. The story takes place in Adams, Tennessee. Somewhere between 1817 and 1821, the Bell family lived in a small cottage. They had a next door neighbor named Kate Batts. She was accused by many of being a witch. One day, Kate Batts went to visit John Bell, who owned all of the surrounding land. Kate wanted to purchase the land that her house sat on, but John refused. She re-visited him almost everyday, begging to purchase the piece of land but he refused everytime. Kate begin to get angry with not only John Bell, but his whole family. John Bell's wife and daughter were known to gossip about everything, and Kate thought they were the reason everyone accused her of being a witch.

Kate Batts finally gave up on trying to purchase the land. She was very angry with the Bell family, and tormented them at night, by knocking on their windows, and screaming at the top of her lungs.

One day, Kate Batts died. It is said, that she died from the flu. Shortly after her death, she supposedly came back to haunt the Bell family forever. At night, she would torment John Bell's daughter in her bedroom. It is known, that she was an invisible force, that you could not see. The young daughter of John Bell, would wake up to her hair being pulled, and her face being smacked by an invisible force. Kate Batts not only tormented the young daughter, but also the wife of John Bell, and John Bell himself.

The Bell family told everyone in the town about their experiences, and soon it got so out of hand, that the president (Andrew Jackson), went to visit with the family at their cottage, for one night. On the way to the cottage, Andrew Jackson had problems with his carriage. The wheel would fall off for no reason, numerous times. He heard screams that seemed like it was from someone sitting right beside him, even though there was no one by his side. Somehow, all the weird shit stopped happening, and he moved on with his journey.

When he got to the Bell house, he visited for a short time, but left because he was feeling sick, dizzy, and uncomfortable. It is known that he did not talk about his journey to the cottage ever again, and anyone who asked him about it, got the same warning not to go. The night Andrew Jackson left the cottage, the Bell family heard a loud scream from their young daughter's room, once everyone was in bed. John Bell and his wife went to attend to their young daughter, only to find her curled up in the corner crying.

Weeks passed, rumors spread, and things just got worse for the Bell family. John Bell soon become very sick, and bedridden. He soon died of an unknown cause. Some stories say that the whole family was killed by the Bell Witch, others say that only the young daughter survived.

There is a place that tourists can visit, called the Bell Witch Cave. It is located only a short distance from the Bell cottage, which is still standing. I have been to the Bell Witch Cave, and it is pretty disturbing. I did hear screams that I couldn't accuse anyone else of. It was like they were screams in my head, that no one else could hear. I didn't stay there for a very long time, I'd say only about 20-30 minutes. I did feel very uncomfortable, and a little dizzy. What scares me, is that I live only 2 hours away from Adams, Tennessee. I am wiccaphobic. Witches scare me to death, and always have. I have known this story since I was about 10 years old. My grandmother told me about it, and it really surprised me when they came out with a movie about it. Im sure this story has many different versions, but this is the one that is most known throughout east Tennessee. If you have had any encounters with witches, ghosts, the supernatural, or unexplainable figures, then feel free to post a comment on your experience.



I have done plenty of research on the Bell Witch, and it is very interesting. There are numerous occasions with people coming into contact with the bitch. If your interested, you can google 'The Bell Witch' and you will find PLENTY of stories, pictures, videos, and websites.


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