the best free or possibly any game ever made



Back when I was in highschool I didn't have money to spend on fancy games. I'd come home and type in google "free online games", pick the most exciting one and play. This was how I spent my free time. By the way before I go any further sorry about the drunken blog. Back in the day it was runescape. This game is not the subject of the blog. I think that games actually pretty awesome. I played it back when it was 2d and you looked like a stick figure and all that moved was your lower arms. Now look at it. Probably the best free mmo rpg.


The game I'm about to tell you about is pretty kick-awesome, and better yet it's free.


CLICK THIS LINK AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ASAFP! Soldat is a game desinged single handedly by some Polish dude. And, let me tell you it has kept it's it's fuhmazingness* for over 6 years. It's a side scroller, shooter, multi online game. It's low memory usage so you can play it on a shitty computer. You can create your own personal server for you and your friends. Plenty of guns to chose from. Plenty of mods, but I still play the regular classic unmodded version. LOTTTSSS OF BLOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can pay and get some extra shit, personally I still haven't even after all these years of playing it. I might today. I'd do it just to support the guy. The game's awesome.


It's like COD, it's got capture the flag, team deathmatch, free for all, infiltration (one defends other tries to grab the flag), friggen everything. It even has servers that will have maze maps you have to climb through.

*"fuhmazing®" is my word, use of which could involve federal punishment i.e. possible imprisonment or fines of up to 5000$.

Uploaded 08/14/2010
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