The Best of Neko Punch 2011

Ohayou, guys! It's year 2012 and I would like to sum up the funniest troll fails from the silly people who I owned so much, they've become obsessed with me and their actions... let's say, if this happened outside of the internet, you'd probably be afraid to talk with those people in fear of someone seeing you together. That's right, stalkers you hear so much about in TV and you might not believe people of this kind could be somewhere around you, are on Ebaumsworld. Here are some of the most weird/creepy ones I have encountered in year 2011, in alphabetical order.

GIJoe. This guy is a typical example of the bathroom creeper. A guy who would get into a vent to watch people take showers, or break in to steal someone's used underwear. How did I come to this conclusion? It was soon after I asked him why he 1 stars my blogs from alts (GIJoe and GIJane were listed in the elinks). His explanation was, I quote, "GIJane is my wife." I laughed at his stupid butt hurt and the attempts of becoming 'one of the gang' - he wasn't a blogger, but sucked up to people saying "good blog" and even made a group called Quality Bloggers, probably so that people think he's one of them. It turned out he was a creep after he posted my name in blogs and comments, using the excuse that he got it in a link from me (it was in a for of a web url). Later his obsession has brought him into uploading 11 galleries of screen shots with my assorted comments (he went through thousands of my comments), where he's tried to convince people I'm racist and homophobic. He fell for my trap thinking my friend's account (specstorm) is me, leading him to "investigate" everything Specstorm said in 4 years, to find out the possible locations and other info. We did a similar trick with Dawnthief to Rednote67 - judging from the occasional bunch of thumbs down Dawn gets on his comments, Rednote still thinks we're the same person.

HunterDad. We all remember the weird 1 star fairy, Hunterdad. It was especially funny when he used 20 accounts to 1 star my blogs. He's also asked his buddies like JBoogie, Ifoundadime and ENWILSON to read my blogs and post hateful comments in them (those people almost never visit this section). It was kind of annoying. As much as the constant PMs with ethnic epithets, finding my youtube channel and posting disgusting comments there and giving out my facebook. His wife probably found out about what he posts here, because he suddenly disappeared, and one of the trolls here mentioned it had something to do with his wife reading the comments he'd written on Ebaumsworld.

Rin. It's always fun to bully an ignorant weaboo like Rin. I won't write in detail how I pwned her enough for her to stop writing about shitty Japanese movies and anime - it's enough to say she was a weaboo troll anime geek that stopped writing about that shit after I proved her she doesn't even know the basics of Japanese language and her ignorance in many aspects. She moved to writing reviews of crappy American movies from the VHS era or some shit. She became obsessed with me and wrote many troll blogs to get my attention. Me and a few other users were fed up with her and used her obsession against her. After she whored for my attention in a comment to my blog, we kept messing with her in comments, knowing she'll always reply (she really cared a lot about what others here might think about her if she didn't hget the last word). Once in a while, someone posted their reply to her. The trick was, we all made fun of her. She wrote blog-long replies and we laughed and laughed at her idiocy. She started in the evening, kept replying throughout the night, the next day's morning, until like 2 pm in the afternoon. We told her about how we are pwning her somewhere during our fun, but she didn't seem to understand that we are in different time zones and come back every once in a while to post an irrelevant reply to her. She probably sat there for 20 hours, refreshing for comments in different blogs. After I wrote a blog about how she got used for our amusement, she probably realised how much of an idiot she is and stopped spending her time here 24/7.

Tyeada. This one is special. She used to be some kind of a blog attention whore here, trying to get sympathy attacking users. When she did that shit with me, it was time to teach her a lesson. Because I mocked her constantly in my blogs and comments, she people started to recognise her as my personal stooge. Many people enjoyed how she got Neko-punched every time she started her trash talking. At some point she posted my personal info here and got banned. That didn't stop her obsession. She's made a website dedicated for me (!) where she gathered people who were my enemies. One of my friends infiltrated their ranks and found out what they were writing about. Plans about how to annoy me, ideas for alt accounts to attack me, different kinds of personal info they've managed to gather about me. That was some sick shit. It's surprising where envy can lead you.

YES_ME. An alt that seemed to troll Deevo and later became obsessed with me. He's not much of a threat, nor anything spectacular. I mentioned him for one reason - he's spent numerous hours to go through all my submission I've posted from my Neko account and 1starred them.  Over 500 uploads. Those obsessions can be so time-consuming.

Year 2011 was very fruitful when it comes for having fun on this website. I've met many friends from around the world. I enjoy talking with them in the feature chat and on meebo Cheers to you!

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