The Best Solution

Drug Test the people on Welfare.

Think about it.

I'm tired of crackheads and drug dealers using the taxpayers money while still not trying to better their life. I hope you people realize that they don't use the food stamps, and such to help them out of the hole, that their life is. They use that money to keep themselves in it, for a long and comfortable ride. (by their standards) I could go on and on about this, but there's no need, because my proposition would never go through. To that there may be several reasons, which I will not bother speculating. Its all been said before, countless times.

But this HAS to be acknowledged, drugs are the reason a lot of these people live those sad and pathetic lives. If you don't understand why, or how, you should just stop reading right now, your wasting your time, you don't get it. Before I get called a prune, let it be on record that in my past I was a drug user. It was a huge waste of time, and money. Nothing remains from my experiences, except hazy memories, and strange stories.

There's one thing I truly believe in, never stop being hungry. Always strive for the better, because the second you become contempt, is the second you settle for less. If you let go of the ambition to do better, be better, and achieve, you may as well give up and accept your fate. Just another burden on society.

I digress, these are my personal opinions, and I wanted to share them with others.

I stick with my original statement -  Drug Test the people on Welfare.

I'm aware that some of the things I said do not apply to everyone.

Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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