the best thing for our country

i see all these debates about obama isnt fking up that its only been a few monthes and yet i have to ask you this. why is it then that the policys being followed now are not only stopping what little econimic growth the country started to see but reversing it and we are now in the worest economic crisis yet since 9/11 which is when this all started to go down hill. these half assed socialist ideals are not going to work you must either go fully to democratic socialism or another direction. it has proven that allowing a capitalist government get to the level it was does not account for the greed of man and our ends justify the means type of attitude in america. so i guess what i trying to say is the only thing that will help this country is if the gov just backs off and allows the people to care for themselves leaving the weak to their own and the stronger harder working americans to strive and rebuild this once great nation of ours. so tell me wat you think or just get fked

Uploaded 03/11/2009
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