The Bible

I was sitting at home today with my southern baptist grandma and my little sister watching tv when I decided I should read a book. I went up stairs and looked at my bookshelf. I couldn't find a single book that I haven't read or wanted to read.


So I go downstairs and ask my grandma if she has any books I could read. She hands me the Bible saying that maybe I should give Christianity a chance. (ugh)


I decide to humor her and read it. I started with the first book, Genisis. At first it was nothing I haven't heard before: Adam and Eve are made Eve tempts Adam and the like.


But when I got to the part about Noah it says that he lived un till he was 900(or something like that) A red flag went up. 900 years is almost a milenia. How the hell could someone live that long back then when today, even with modern medicine the average life expectancy is 77.8 years.


I asked my grandma what she thinks and she started spewing bullshit about how the great flood caused vapors in the atmosphere that protected them from the sun.


Come on now.

Am I alone in this or does any one else think this is bullshit?





Uploaded 11/25/2008
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