The Big Drunk and Drink

Before my wife and I were married, we had a great experience I would like to share. We were sitting on the deck of a well known restaurant having some finger food and beer. The restaurant is located above Dow's lake that runs off the Rideau  river. The building it was located in has a nautical flare. At ground level you can rent peddle boats and canoes.

To enter the deck you had to climb a long set of stairs straight up. The day was exceptionally beautiful and there was a long line up of people on the stairs waiting for a table. My wife and I felt rather important as we were quite comfortable lounging in our chairs dipping shrimps and snacking on chips and salsa. We both looked at the poor hungry and thirsty people who were becoming traumatized as we sipped beer literally a couple of feet away.

We peered down the stairs and saw a familiar face. "Is that Burton Cummings?" My future wife asked. "Yes, I think it is."

I got up out of my chair and called down to Burton Cummings and his date to come ahead up and join our table. He was so excited that we recognized him, he said, in front of all the patrons, "No one ever recognizes me anymore, since I quit touring. Of course we will join you. You people don't mind if we go ahead and join their table do you? Every one was happy to let them up to join us, until another table was ready.

We all had a beer together, shared a few laughs. Soon a dinning table was ready for the couple and they left us, thanking us for interceding.

For the next two hours Burton kept sending us bottles of their best Champagne. We drank three bottles in  celebratory fashion. It was time to take a ride in a peddle boat. The boat rental agent looked quite concerned about my girlfriend's  sobriety, it took some convincing on my part to rent us the boat.

My lady friend was wearing a short candy cane summer dress with a light crinoline, white stockings and white high heeled shoes. She got into the boat by sitting down in the peddle area.
Her white legs and crinoline were upside down and her torso was  lodged in the bottom of the peddle boat. From inside the hull I could hear cackles followed by howls of laughter, followed by, "Get me out of here"! With tears of laughter streaming down my face I tried to get her out. Eventually, with the help of the freaked out attendant I did.

Here is a song with Burton Cummings singing. I'm sure it will bring back memories.

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