The big QUESTION of the day. It's backish

If your family member was raped , how would you get revenge?


   Here is what I would do. First I would capture said rapist by murdering his mother and wearing her skin as a disguise to dupe him into meeting me for roofys. Once I had said rapist Tied up I would start to feed the mother suit to him. I would then starve him for several weeks feeding him only handfulls of uncooked rice. Then no food at all for 4 days. At this point I would ask him to to use a length of rope to tie off one of his limbs. Another 2 days later if he tied it off right I would lend him a rather dull dull knife and order him to remove the arm or leg .  I would then beat him with the rotting limb on and off for a day or two till it started to rot and seperate at the joints. At this point I will allow him to eat the limb. If the situation allowed him to survive to his birthday I would give him a cupcake .But I would lick all the frosting off. I will also water board him randomly on my own random schedule. Eventualy after a year or so I expect to wake up and find him dead. Either infection or suicide.


well Be wacky if you have an answer. You are not to comment on my answer it is just there to fill the new guys in on my strange styles of writing.


Allright ladys and Gents I am out to tend to the zombie horde.


Matt The leader of the above mentioned.




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