The Biggest Gainer

I'm not sure what the show is called and I'm not sure if I saw it on Comedy Central (in which case it could be a joke) but the entire show is the opposite of "The Biggest Loser". The people actually try to gain weight. The winning is who has gained the most weight. It's absolutely disgusting!

This further shows how fucked up America is with its weight problem. I'm sick of seeing HUGE FAT PEOPLE waddling around in the street. It sickens me. There's are a rare few who have a disease but DAMN! most people need to stop shoveling food into their double chinned mouths. Hey! I know how you can lose weight! Don't eat all the fucking time!

God, I can't tell you how many times I've seen people in the grocery store, movie theatre, amusement park, etc. that are just HUGE! They always carry around food and they are always eating. There is nothing worse than seeing a fat person eat.

My restaurant has an endless soup and salad option where I work. These HUGE people come in and get like 5 salads with extra ranch and 4 soups with extra cheese. I mean, COME ON! I don't know if they are trying to lose weight or what but putting an ENTIRE salad dressing bottle on your salad doesn't help. And notice how they are like the UGLIEST people- missing some teeth, drooling down their face, scratching their ass...

Fat people are disgusting.

Uploaded 07/28/2008
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