The Bipartisan attacks on Ron Paul

After browsing through the blogs today I have noticed that there are a lot of politically driven blogs who assault Ron Paul in one way or another. The interesting thing is that the people assaulting Ron Paul are voicing their liberal opinions in the same note.

Why is it suddenly fashionable to attack Ron Paul? I can understand why the Republicans attack him but I have a hard time understanding why the liberals have joined in on the bashing.  Have I just not been seeing the dislike that the liberals carry for Ron Paul or are these sudden attacks spurred by the fact that he is winning the Republican poles?

I don't understand what the liberals find so disturbing about Ron Paul considering that he is nothing like the other Republicans running for office. These arguments about how the troops being withdrawn from Iraq somehow hurts Ron Paul's election bid make no sense. How can you vilify someone for wanting to do the same thing that your messiah supposedly just did? 

I think that it is starting to become pretty apparent that the mass of conservative voters are not going to be duped by the conservative media like they were in the last election. They aren't going to sit idly by and watch the Republicans put forth a weak and utterly disliked candidate. Instead the mass of conservative voters have recognized that Ron Paul, although not perfect has many fundamentally good and strong ideas for turning this country around. His ideas are rooted in the upholding of the constitution and the economic strength of the United States.

I don't understand why the liberals can't see that Ron Paul crosses the partisan line on many issues important to both liberal and conservative voters. Ron Paul is a sort of a hybrid in that he isn't apart of either of the two parties machines. He is funded by individual citizens, not the huge corporations that you liberals are so vocal about despising. Meanwhile your messiah is being funded by and giving handouts to the very people and organizations you claim to hate. 

The only plausible answer to why the liberal Democrats would attack Ron Paul in the way that they are at the time that they are is because they recognize what he represents. They see that he is the only threat to their messiah. They now see that Republican's attempt at losing this election by putting forth someone like Romney or Gingrich is starting to fail.

It's interesting to see that both the liberal and conservative medias attack Ron Paul so frequently now. You can't turn on conservative news without hearing some talking head tell everyone how bad and dangerous Ron Paul is. At the same time all of you liberals bash him over the stupidest and opinionated arguments.

I am not telling you to vote for Ron Paul or anyone for that matter as it is a personal choice that should be made by each individual. I am simply asking you to tune out the main stream propaganda for five minutes and take a real close look at the issues. I think that you may be surprised by what you find. If you are so closed minded that you can't look at both sides of the fence during an election like this than you have to ask yourself if you are really an informed voter. If you only take your information from one side of the fence than of course they will tell you the other side is worse and you should vote to keep everyone on your side. Once in a while someone comes along that wants take the fence down altogether. When this happens, both sides of the fence will tell that this person is bad because they want to take down the very thing that keeps you subservient to them.

Although you may disagree with me 100% and I may not have a done a very good job conveying my thoughts here. I ask you to keep an open mind and study every candidate closely while keeping the countries well being in mind. Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 12/19/2011
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