The bitch don't even care

She just strings me along like a little bitch, and I followed like a stupid fucking idiot.

Talk all the shit you want, assholes, I know you will.. but I gotta get this shit out my system!

FUCK!!! She's a stupid bitch asshole!!!! I hate that mother fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!! I loved her with all my heart, and she just walked all over that shit!!!! We stayed friends after the break up 'cause I'm a fucking IDIOT!!!!!!!!! A nice guy, and what girl would want to drop the nice guy?? He's always around, to keep her company, but is she there for him? Hell NO!!!! She don't give a fuck about him.. she just likes the attention.. She likes the backup, emotional security.. I stick around, thinking she'll come around and come to her senses, but she ain't... she just keeps walking over me, abusing me... fuck that stupid whore bitch!!!!!! So I drop her, letting her know I can't just be friends. That the only way I can keep talking to her is if she want's something real with me.. And what does she say? WHAT DOES SHE SAY?! "I understand.. I'm sorry" FUCK!!!!!!!! Thanks for the fucking confirmation!!!!!!!! A year and a half of me giving my heart to her, while she takes me for granted!!! Why the fuck do I get dropped like a piece of shit?! Why the fuck do I deserve this shit?! 'Cause I fell in love with a young hoe, who ain't worth a dime!!! Which makes me feel like more shit! 'Cause I couldn't get a dumb chick to fall in love with me! Well FUCK HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFFFUUUUUCCCKK!!!!!!!! Why the fuck am I so stuck on her not giving me the appreciation I deserve???????????!!!!!!!! SHE'S JUST A STUPID ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK HER!!!!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I deserve so much better!!!! What the fuck is wrong with women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? I HATE THEM ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE ALL STUPIUD ASS BITCH ASS WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uploaded 10/03/2010
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