The blade hovers..

As I sit on my couch after countless hours and even days/weeks of job searching, the razor blade hovers ever closer to my left wrist. I am an experienced heavy equipment operator/warehouse manager/truck driver/manufacturer. I can't find a job to save my fucking life!!! The depression that has resulted from this is more than I can bear at times. I have even tried going the way of the retard...McDonald's/Subway/KFC. I'm not too proud to not pay my bills.

Some of you know that I have an extensive background in the pizza industry as well. I have tried to use that to fall back on. Most of those places hire 18 to 20 year olds who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. I have had no luck there either.

Would Deunan really cut his wrists? Thanks for asking. :) No, it just paints the picture more colorfully. But I am tempted to drink myself into oblivion. As I crack the Crown my phone rings. I really don't give a flying fuck who it is. The lady on the other end is from a local pizza place. She says she's tired of hiring dipshit kids and likes the fact that I have as much experience in the industry as her average employee does in all of life. Will this pan out? It fucking better or at the end of the month I will be HomelessDeunanKnute. I will have to snail mail my blogs, from under the freeway, to someone else to have them posted. If I can beg enough change for the postage.

I interview tomorrow afternoon. This should be a cake walk. If I get the cook job I will invite you all, yes even Nova, to a pizza treat. I only make gourmet pizza btw, none of that Domino's/Pizza Hut shit. We're talking old school brick oven goat cheese fucking Italian heaven!!!

Wish me luck,


Uploaded 09/07/2010
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