The blog below me is so lame

Mel, seriously dude?  If you're not either 40 years old and living in your parent's basement or 350 pounds or more, I'll pay for your next lap dance.


By the way, the fact that you have a "favorite girl" is probably one of the most depressing things i've heard in a long time.

Do us a favor, try and get laid without paying for it once, it's a lot more rewarding. 


I've never really understood paying for sex, or women.  I'm not saying i'm some kind of mega pimp, or even that i've never been to a strip club, but if you're any sort of self respecting man, wouldn't you want to know that you can pull some poon on your own merits?  I mean how rewarding can sex really be when you know that afterwards, you have to give the girl 200 dollars just to tollerate your disgusting ass.  If you're gonna spend money on sex, why not just buy one of those fleshlights and enjoy yourself repeatedly.  If you're gonna pay 200 dollars for a vagina, you should at least get more then one use out of it, plus i hear those come with an anal attachment so you can even do anal.  I put it to you to find yourself a girl who will give up her sweet virgin ass for 200 dollars.  In all fairness though, it sounds like mel knows where to find the girls who do it for cheap.  Tell me mel, is your dream woman an ex-stripper/hooker who no longer charges for sex because her shit is so worn out she'd actually feel guilty making people pay to bang her?  I bet it is, I bet it is.  Well these are just my thoughts, enjoy spending all your money on vagina.  If you get around to looking for your self esteem, try checking in the gym, or somewhere besides crispy cream, your parents basement, or the sweat pants and sleeveless t-shirt section of k-mart.

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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