The Blog the Frog and the King Cobra Snakes.

Seems to be some misunderstanding of what blogging is. What is appropriate, what is dumb, what is just idiots writing stupid shit, who is trolling and creating alt accounts, who should and should't be deleted, blah blah blah!

In grade eight I had a teacher who told us there is no excuse for not returning the next day with you writing assignements. He said I don't care what you write it on, use the toilet paper if you have to. I don't care if you get the answers wrong or you mispell your words, I'll teach you that part, but you must write every night.

He also told us we should read everyday, that it didn't matter what we read, wether it's the comics in the paper, magazines, comic books, or a giant novel... just read!

Of course he was right because it is still the best way ever developed for human communication and sharing of ideas.

So I say, let people write whatever they like, from poopy to monotheistic plurism. It doesn't matter what they write as long as they do. It doesn't matter what they comment as long as they do. The more they write the more they read the better it all becomes.

Forget about people having some twisted ideas of what they are doing and being offensive or sharing ideas that promote disinformation or God forbid, racial hatred. At least they are reading and writing. It can only get better. Eventually there hatreds and misconceptions will filter away if they would only read and write.

Troll, insult, talk dirty, (swear if you want, but try new words), spread the good word, worship the devel, spew your racist jargon, just read and write for the blogs the frogs and the king cobra snakes.

Uploaded 07/22/2010
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