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I was recently voted the Best Blogger on Ebaumsworld. As much as I agree with that verdict, I have to point out that the blogs section isn't what it used to be. If you skip the pages and check how many views a blog was getting normally not even a year ago, you'll get the picture.

It wasn't so uncommon for a blog to get over a thousand views. Hah! Some even got over 8000 views. Without being featured. It's important to mention that the tags don't apply in blogs. You can put some tags into your blog, but there's not much point in doing that - you won't get any older blogs displayed as related, simply because there's no such thing as a related blogs frame.

How many views are blogs getting nowadays? 100-300 views usually. What happened? It's pretty simple. There are 2 things that have caused that.

1. Incompetent moderators

How many times did White_Chocolate say that there should be a blog sheriff that removes the spam? Multiple times. He even said he be can the blog sheriff for free. What happened? More and more spammers came and flooded the blog section. White was the only hope for the blogs section. But it was too late. The ad spammers don't even come here anymore. They don't get enough views anymore, so what's the point in spamming?

2. Canadian users

What happens when blogs get fewer views? The good bloggers leave. The so-so bloggers leave too. Even the spammers leave. Who stays? Canadian bloggers. Why? Because they'll whore for any amount of attention. Canadian writing about American politics and how much their president sucks? Canadian writing about how Canada is cooler and has a better economy than USA, but can't find a job herself? Constant complaints and whining? Yes, the fellow Canadian bloggers at their best.

But there are users who won't allow them to bring the blogs section to moose-pissed gutter. Me, Eastside_Dave, White_Chocolate, and No_U are the bastion of blog quality. And we will bring back the shine to this section.
Uploaded 11/25/2010
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