The Church of Green has now been changed to Rock.

Many problems that the human race is faced with today can be traced back to energy, the distribution of it, the fighting over it, the pollution it causes, diseases, high taxes and poisoned oceans. It completely dictates our lives, not only do we use it to get around, but it is needed to make fertilizer and many medications and products are derived from it, due to its long carbon chain.

So in order to help solve this problem, Opportunistic  asses like Gore, David Suzuki and Maurice Strong have pushed for taxes in every facet of our existence. And like a bunch of money hungry parasites, all level of governments are staging new taxes to take advantage of this mindset.

There are problems with pollution and environmental damage due to human activity, that is obvious, places like Love Canal is a testament to that. China now a huge manufacturing center pumps out huge amounts of industrial liquid waste in the rivers. Yet guess where all those assholes invest their money. In China, shit Maurice Strong the grand daddy of the carbon tax credit lives there.

There are real solutions to all these problems, good scientific, easily utilized, job producing, solutions. If there are a couple of unsolved ones at this point, they too can be solved through human invention. Sending tax dollars to megalomaniacs in China won't solve anything!

After talking with my brother about the project he has been working on for the last ten years, I looked into geothermal power generation. Well Holy Rock, this has got to be one of the best sources of energy ever produced. It is clean, safe, renewable, reliable you just need to clear some space to build the plant,  no chemicals are needed, it produces no pollution, the gases and steam are put back into the earth to be heated up again.

If the green movement put some attention to this type of innovation I might have some respect for them.

So the Rock is the answer to the ills of the world, just drill a big hole in it and get some of that endless inner energy.

Uploaded 08/08/2010
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