The church of sense not the church of satan

I am well and truly bothered with the church of satan and it's because they sound just like me. The trouble is that what they've created isn't a religion it's common sense. Really? people are selfish? Wow I needed your ass to tell me that. and Really? It would be more fun to indulge ourselves with pleasure? and really? We can't actually love everybody and turn our cheeks to our enemies? NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK. That's not a religion it's the same common sense that EVERYONE has if they haven't been so indoctrinated by religion that they realize something true about human nature. These people took basic human biology and make a fucking religion out of it. This is not a faith system it's a bunch of facts. I could let it go if you called it anything else but no you had to name it like you're fucking twelve. let's call it the church of satan, that'd be hardcore. fuck you, stop being cute. you asshats don't believe in satan so you can't worship him. just call it the church of hedonism or the church of common sense. save your silly names for the roleplaying and stop making the other people with basic common sense look like wackjobs. pick an adult name and then fuck off ans stop acting special because you figured out the same thing everyone else did.
Uploaded 05/05/2011
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