The comment glitch trick

It's almost time. I open the World Clock and wait for the right moment. It's here! Now's the time. I click and.... it doesn't work anymore!


It didn't bug the admins enough to fix it for months. Every hour at xx:05:40 the site lagged and allowed multiple thumbing and commenting without the comment time limit. The Jeans knew the secret. So did the select few. But some morons had to spoil the fun with their childish shenanigans.


Stupid, immature trolls like Shoof and Hamhandsbill flooded every hour just to prove... I don't know what. That they know the trick? Soon more and more users noticed that the flood occured at the same time and learned the trick. Constant flooding led to admins finally fixing the glitch.


The comment glitch probably didn't bug the admins so much as the flood. The comments with a negative count of thumbs equal to 26 or more dissappeared. Comments with more thumbs up then the actual view count of the feature were made. But now it's impossible to use the glitch anymore. Thanks to some loser trolls that kept flooding for their own amusement. Are you happy now, you fudge packing douche bags? You spoiled something this cool.


Thanks for reading the blog. I'll log in as Clark_Kent now to 5 star this blog and go iron my caturday outfit.

Uploaded 07/23/2010
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