The Concept of Whites Leaving America


Ok, nothing pisses me off more then a Supremicist. They are worse then Racists, because though a racist my hate who you are because of the color of your skin or the origins of your ancestors, he doesn't automaticly think he is Entitled to everything that you own. However, the Mexicans in the following clip believe that since our ancestors came here on wooden barges over 400 years ago, stole the land from its native people, and then went ahead and cultivated it, expanded our population and homes, that we are still some how invaders on their soil after these many centuries. I don't have a beef with the ACLU, or Border Sequrity, or anything involving these peoples interaction with the United states, but for the love of fucking God, we don't owe you a damn thing.


The only people who have any real claim to the land are the remnants of the Native American tribes, but even then, they lost. Infact, our ancestors didn't even need to create reservations, we could have been complete and utter assholes and wiped out their cultures from the face of this planet. But now, the concept of Mexican Manifest Destiny is something that these people really consider is rightfully theirs! Sorry, your ancestors got their asses handed to them in the Mexican/American war. If anything, you should be pissed off at Spain for taking your lands in the first place. We, and by we I mean the original French, English, and in several Cases Dutch, colonists ignored you guys after Spain and Portugual raped and conquered your lands. After Mexican American war, your ancesestors gave up their claims and lands to the current territories of the United states, and sold us the remant of what is now Arizona in the Gadsden Purchase of 1853. Your own ancestors sold you out.


So, to all of you Mexicans who think the USA is rightfully yours, and that all of us whites should just hop on a wooden Barge and head back to Europe, it will NEVER fucking happen. So go ahead, sprout your hate for the white people through your megaphones by shouting, "Racist Go Home!". But we kicked your sorry asses once, and we can fucking do it again if you want to go Round 2. This is not a White only nation, and it sure as hell is never going to be a Mexican only.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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