The Continued Adventures of CBear47

Hey so I haven't written here for ages huh? Not like anybody missed me *sniff. A real lack of motivation on my part.

That and the court case I can't mention yet (STILL, the Napoleonic complex with a badge got it continued) and the quitting the dang job because, well, I hate stupid rules and working for idiots. Guess I should work for myself, but I'm not sure that solves that problem.

Anyway, so boredom, blah, etc. And this place hasn't really been inspiring. Someone needs to go resurrect Wally so we have some good hate-filled joy in here again. Or we can all ass-rape Volcome, but he likes that.

So I started searching for an old game I once played online, years ago... turns out the original is gone, but I did scrounge up a similar one.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I like pro wrestling. My avatar right now should be a clue (I co-opted Bret HArt's new logo--I'm wearing the shirt now, in fact).

But the game should not be misconstrued as a pro wrestling game... it's more of a creative writing exercise based in the world of pro wrestling. As if it were real, besides. So if any of you guys like wrestling, or just playing pretend, you should come over. Plus, I'd like get fake money to play the game with. LOL!

My character is my original from the original game, Dice_Ezail, now a down-on-his luck fallen star, trying to make it back to the top. I just stole the Canadian federation's titles, with my partner, Drako.

I figure some of you who like developing characters and manipulating other people's (Webb, Doc, Lard (which, btw, would just be a great character in hisself. There's already a dude named Philly Fats and one just called OBESE), maybe even Tyaeda (though there' enough stuck up bitches already) LOL)

The good thing for any fans I may have... *crickets chirping* ...I will probably be writing more here soon, maybe even post some of the "matches" over here, if you'd like.

Anyway... one last thing.

This blog is over 350 words.


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