while cruising around the web tonite i think i found the single coolest thing ever, a motorized beer cooler. as in one you can drive. this is the single most awesome invention since tivo, possibly the best thing to happen to me since my george foreman griller and my jack lelane power juicer.

the first one i found was basically a cooler with wheels and handlebars that maybe could top 10 mph. upon further investigation, i found some put on go kart racing frames that had engines upward of 200 ccs. some even had trailer attachments so you could drag an extra cooler. how cool is that? anyhoo, ive decided i must have one. i live about a block away from where the fireworks are done on the 4th of july in my city. every year my entire street turns into 1 big block party. people wander around aimlessly house to house eating bbq and drinking beer.

you can always find crazy stuff going on from house to house. from the guy thats rigged a radio flyer wagon with a steering wheel, bobblehead dashboard skull, and giant bungie cords that fling you down the street at about 15 to 20 mph, to my house where i always have homemade beer and beer drinking gadgets of all kinds. this year i have several beers and a mead fermenting for the occasion. now i think im going to get one of these motorized coolers so i can do donuts drunk in my front yard. good times will be had by all.

Uploaded 01/23/2009
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