The Croak: aesir911


This person has achieved 84 total featured media, 115 total subscribers including some of the best features, usually showing fails and political screw ups. This is the exclusive interview of aesir911.

Frogbob: can you tell ebaums a little bit about yourself?
aesir911: male, psychology major college student, umm..........
Frogbob: what brought you to ebaums?
aesir911: google search engine when looking up a video
Frogbob: how long have you been using the site?
aesir911: since march 1 a year ago(2010)
Frogbob: what made you decide to make an account?
aesir911: in order to get ereps for viewing media, then eventually uploading
Frogbob: do you have an upload that never got featured but you like a lot
Frogbob: what hobbies do you have outside of ebaums
aesir911: swimming, biking, hiking
Frogbob: what's your dream car
aesir911: Audi R-Zero not out yet though
Frogbob: do you have any crazy stories from your childhood?
aesir911: set off the fire alarm in a hospital because i had the water way too hot. they started evacuating the building, cop cars and firetrucks came by, etc. cost the hospital like $20k.(water too hot while taking a long shower)
Frogbob: holy shit lol
aesir911:it was funny. bunch of people on life support being evacuated from the building..... yikes
Frogbob: famous or infamous?
aesir911:neither really....i guess famous if i have to choose one

Thanks to aesir911 for the great interview! More coming in the following months. Keep your eyes open, we have some really good interviews coming this way.
Uploaded 05/08/2011
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