The Croak: Gonzolo73


One of the funniest people I've interviewed yet. Extremely funny, great uploads, the Gonzolo73

Frogbob: when did you start using ebaums?
gonzolo73: about a year ago.

Frogbob: what's the most epic thing youve accomplished on here?
gonzolo73: I suppose getting mod status was about the most epic thing.

Frogbob: most epic thing in life?
gonzolo73: getting mod status on EBW.

Frogbob: most embarassing thing in life?
gonzolo73: hmmmm, I shit my pants when i was about 8 years old while playing hide and seek....I had a killer hiding spot.

Frogbob: haha that's not too bad. i shit my pants recently no joke.
gonzolo73: my condolences.

Frogbob: last song you had stuck in your head?
gonzolo73: Satisfaction by Devo.
its still stuck in there twss.

Frogbob: if you could have any car?
gonzolo73: I would look good riding in a wienermobile. Plus all the hotdog water i could drink

Frogbob: lol
gonzolo73: mike and the mechanics good tune.

Frogbob: do you have any uploads you wish were featured?
gonzolo73: yes:

Frogbob: gonzo like from the muppets? how did you get the name?
gonzolo73: muppet babies was a cartoon back in the 80's and they did a Star Wars episode featuring Gonzo as Gonzolo I thought it was epic.

Frogbob: I used to watch that show i never saw that episode.
gonzolo73: That's a shame, it was good

Frogbob: famous or infamous?

Thank you to eastsidedave for the great banner, his interview will be coming out soon!
Uploaded 06/01/2011
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