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This man is called the modern expert on the unexplained, UFO and paranormal. He has worked as a contractor for the royal air force (Mod) investigating reportings and sightings as well as with television producers to help explain how certain departments would react if something were to happen. He has written four books and counting. I thank him greatly for taking the time out of his busy day to be an interviewee to The Croak.


As a child what did you want to be?

I had several different childhood ambitions, over the years. At one stage I wanted to be a farmer, and at other times I wanted to join the police, become a lawyer, or a reporter.

Have you worked with the USAF at all?

When I was at the Ministry of Defence I met a few USAF officers and had dealings with them on a range of issues. I know and count as friends several such people. However, the MoD had little if any official dealings with the US government or military on the UFO issue. If the American authorities know the truth about the UFO mystery, I'm afraid they didn't tell us Brits!

Supposing we had aliens come, how would the military respond?

This totally depends on whether the aliens were friendly or hostile. The military would watch the situation very carefully, but if the aliens came in peace, the military would play no role. If aliens were hostile and we faced alien invasion, political leaders would doubtless authorize the use of force, for defensive purposes. But of course, our desire would be to establish friendly relations.

Did you take psychics seriously while working for the RAF?

Just to clarify, I was a civilian working for the MoD, not a military officer in the RAF. I was open-minded about psychics and felt that it was worth testing people making claims of psychic ability. MoD has now declassified and released a study undertaken in 2001, aimed at seeing whether so-called remoted viewers could help find things of potential interest to the UK government.

Have you ever personally experienced any paranormal when investigating a ghost or haunting?

Sadly, despite having investigated, written about and talked on TV and radio about numerous UFO sightings, hauntings and other mysteries, I've never seen or experienced anything myself that I'd categorize as paranormal or unexplained.

What are your thoughts on ancient astronauts?

Authors such as Erich von Daniken have highlighted many genuine mysteries from our past. However, while it's an interesting theory, I'm not convinced that some of the gods of our history were extraterrestrial visitors. Much has been made of images of strange creatures in cave drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc. However, it's possible that these may not relate to physical entities that were seen, as opposed to visions experienced during shamanic trances.


Do you administer drug tests to the people who report sightings?

I have never administered drug tests to UFO witnesses, though Ive heard allegations that such a thing has been done, e.g. in the aftermath of the Rendlesham Forest incident.

Do EMF meters really work?

Yes, but whether a spike in the reading really has anything to do with the presence of a ghost or a spirit is another question altogether and something that Im more skeptical about.

Have you worked with big foot (sasquatch) reports at all?

No. However, I have been involved in other crypto zoological work such as the hunt for big cats in the UK - work undertaken in relation to claims being made about animal mutilations.

Famous or Infamous?

I hope Im not infamous. As for famous, while I do a lot of TV work and occasionally get recognized and stopped in the street, Im not sure Ive reached celebrity status yet!

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