The Dare... (Part 1)

~Age when written: 25~

The Dare


With the utmost anticipation of the next 60 seconds building up within me, I stand and circle the small bench which doubled as a coffee table and playing ground for an earlier game of 3-man, which left all four of us in the fast lane to drunk city.


Approaching her with a desire no more possible to hide than a trailer park in tornado alley, I almost release a cheer of joy louder than my new car stereo could put out.  The only other male in the room nervously looks away, not doing to good of a job at hiding the obvious dislike he feels for the dare about to be performed, using a naked girl sitting in the spot next to the one I had just occupied as an excuse to miss seeing the woman of his dreams being touched by another. 


I continue toward the exquisite beauty, clothed only in a thong covering no more than an eye patch worth of her tenderness.  On unsure legs and a quickly weakening ability to seem cool, I take my position on my knees as two of the supplest, softest, and most sensuous legs I had ever seen begin to straighten out to allow an easier approach for the dared man to carry out his punishment for not picking truth. 


The candlelight bathed her thighs with a soft golden glow only to be outdone by the rest of her awaiting and exposed body.  I catch a flicker of eye contact while bringing my lips toward her panty line, just a sliver of a second before her head rolls back and her chest fills with a breath nearly composed of pure passion and desire instead of mere oxygen rich air.  At the same moment my lungs decide to take a break, and I find myself not able to draw breath until my lips touch her lower belly.  My tongue explores between my parted lips to the tasty skin just below her belly button and without my effort, or need to speed this up, I find my mouth gliding up her belly, stopping only to re-moisturize near her chest plate.  Two of the most perfect little breasts ever created cast dancing shadows in the candlelight like excited signposts animated solely for the purpose pointing the way to her elongated neckline, which was my next stop under the excuse of needing more moisture on my tongue to finish the too-short journey to her mouth. 


Her neck, clean and perfect, provided a tantalizing pathway to her chin, which dropped the second my lips brushed it causing our lips to come together just a moment sooner than expected.  Unbeknownst to the other two truth or dare participants in the room, I proceeded to absorb her essence through a kiss that contained drive, and yearning, yet was saturated with a slow rhythm and a savoring on my part that a starving shipwreck victim in front of T-bone steak couldnt come close to. 


Time stops, or rather disappears into the darkness between my closed eyes as the rest of the planet starts to lose importance and substance.   Jolted back to my senses by a mans eager cry of "30 seconds, ok stop!" leaves me in a daze, which had to be played off quickly and smoothly if I were to continue to hide my quickly growing need to hold this woman, which was an idea that neither of the other two players liked very much at all.  If they had just a glimpse of what I felt had taken place, the other female player (having developed feelings for me) and the other guy (having long since been consumed by a lust for the goddess beneath me) would definitely have created an atmosphere so void of comfort, and choked with resentment, that even I would have wanted to call it all quits and send them all home. 


Naturally a few quick jokes mixed some witty remarks, and a dash of smartass comments from myself and the goddess immediately ease the uncomfortable tension that was created during my performance that hopefully seemed as harmless as a guy taking the dare to lick a girl from her pantyline to her mouth and then kiss for 30 seconds.  Add to that the grace and sheer smoothness of the goddess to sit up and brush it off as if nothing happened, and even I was left unsure of how big an event it actually was. 


A dare lasting no more than 45 seconds in total, maybe less if I am correct in the other male shaving the kissing time down significantly, might not have had any effect on the gorgeous specimen sitting across from me, who appeared relaxed and unchanged.


 Did I imagine those small and almost unnoticeable signs of matching sexual tension and extreme desire that occurred while my body hid hers from the view of the others? 


Did she feel what I felt?



My Turn!....


and you?... Truth or Dare? 


pleasesaydare pleasesaydare pleasesaydare.



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