The darkest of hours.


            There we were, It was a normal day on ebaumsworld in the blog section. Everybody was happy and having a good laugh, The sun was shining bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Then a colony of dark purple clouds crept through the sky unleashing a massive fog into the forest. Bohankeeton was busy catching fish out of the water trying to find a meal and swiftalon was soaring through the air looking for a prey. rednote was scampering through trees in search of acorns. Everyone in the woodland creature council ran to the courtyard in fear, there was White_chocolate the crack addicted chipmunk, sjg the redheaded woodpecker, skandarakbar the snail, and even dirtysanchez the cigarrete smoking buck with a moustache. All the woodland critter council met next to the douchebag tree tree named lord_infamous, White chocolate said he heard gunshots in the distance while he was robbing some human's houses looking for crack. Dirtysanchez also heard gunshots while he was brushing his large oversized moustache. Then many gunshots echoed through out the forest while sweet home Alabama was heard playing about a mile away. Then a large mud covered jeep crashed into lord_infamous. All the forest critters ran away when they saw a fat smelly man jump out of the jeep his fingers were covered in bbq sauce and he was wearing an anti obama tee shirt. He had a long overgrown mullet and he said his name was wallboy.

           dirty sprang into action and tied him up while ugdork the wolverine tied him up using baddozer the rattlesnake. Wallboy screamed in agony as he awaited his death, We used the branches of lord_infamous to start a fire. Wallboy on the edge of a cliff above the giant pool of fire. I stood behind wallboy reading his crimes it was all up to me to whether he lives or dies. I finally told him he will be put to death, wallboy screamed and begged, but before he could even think of escaping baddozer sank his fangs into wallboy's flesh, He plunged into the pool of fire. About thirty minutes later we removed wallboy and seasoned him than held a grand feast.

Uploaded 11/01/2009
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