The day eBaums stood still.

Ahh!! Memories! Some of them are better left off where they belong. Not this time.

B on the 6th of this month reminds me of the time me and the crew invaded band camp at our old high school. When we decided to invade their precious little practicing grounds the nerds were unprepared. They sat down behind their instruments, witnessing as me and my friends destroyed them with our habit of raping peoples' psych. The only ammo they had was "go die" or "you got dawged off" when somebody else said "go die".

Our crew, who completely raped their tender little buttholes, actually felt compassion and let some of them fire the best insults they had. The nerds wouldn't go down easy, they tried to fight us our of their area by ganging up on us and saying elaborate, long and very unfunny insults about our relatives and work places, denying that we had taken over their camp.

They were destroyed, but they made a club within the school, displaying their greatest insults they had landed on some of the members of our crew. One of us actually had their morals depleted. The nerds somehow had taken a hold of their personal information. We couldn't do anything but watch as they pulled off their greatest bitch move by telling the whole school personal things about one of us. 

Still to this day, the nerds display disdain for us, knowing and resenting we had raped and pillaged their perfect little place. We still go to their shitty band camp even though it has nothing new, cool or interesting to offer us. We do it just to watch them fail slowly as they stumble to try and use a half assed insult against us while the other nerds back them up by using their trade mark "you got dawged off dawg!".

Ahhh.. Memories.

Uploaded 01/11/2009
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