The Day I Took A Life

First off, as a warning to the young / immature / squemish, yes this is infact a blog about the brutal murder of a man.  Well not so much a man, as a coward backstabbing filthy rat bastard.


It all started in 2003.  Moving into a newly renovate 5 bedroom 3 bathroom house complete with a pool, and jacuzzi with my bride to be of 5 years, life just couldn't get any better.


Boy, was I wrong.....


I remember it like i remeber many things, my first kiss....  my first car accident....  the day i graduated college.... 


It was a cold and rainy Wednesday evening.  I had been stuck a little late at the office, but got home earlier than I had originally thought.   Soaking wet, and shivering from the cold wind and breezy gusts of wind,  I was fublming with my keys and trying to get inside.  Before I could even get my key into the lock, the door swung open, obviously not locked, or even shut all the way.  Assuming my fiancee had just been careless and not closed the door all the way I proceeded to enter, thinking only of taking a nice hot shower and getting some much desired supper.  I heard some noice coming from up the stairs,  I figured my love was watching television and kicked off my shoes and hung my soaking wet jacket up in the laundry room.


I proceeded up the stairs, ready for the hot shower that awaited me after my long day, and damp journey home.   The sounds of my love watching t.v. got increasing louder ever step I took as i got closer and closer to our bedroom.  Finally at the top of the stairs after what felt like a 3 mile hike, I opened the door and said the cliche "Honey, I'm Home!"


The look of surprise on her face, was equaled only by my own surprise.  Here before me, in my house, my room, my own bed, lie another man.  Even before the devastation and heartache could set in, the rage consumed every fiber of my being.  I screamed out at the top of my lungs "What the fuck are you doing?!"   The room fell into a dead silence.   She  had nothing to say.... No explination...  No apologies... Nothing.


Suddenly the moron she was laid up with, decided he was some kind of tough guy, and jumped up out of the bed, and proceeded to get in my face and start screaming at me.  I told him one time, very politetly, to "get the fuck out of my house" to which he so arrogantly ignored my request.

  Beside our bed was a cast iron lamp we had purchased on our honey moon in Italy.  Realizing that this dumb son of a bitch infront of me did not undestand the severity of the situation, I grabbed the lamp and gave him a back handed swing across the face that Andre Agassi himself would be proud of.  I still remeber the thud of the lamp impacting his skull made, as well as the soud of his front teeth bouncing off the marble tile floor.


Such a pretensious asshole, dare to challange me in my own house, while destroying my family, HOW DARE HE!  I gave him a solid smack to the back of the head with the lamp, i heard the life escaping from his body..... This was it... I had killed a man....  I turned to my fiance....  The rage had subsided...  The pain and heartache was setting in.  She was crying... I didn't know if it was out of sorrow... remorse... guilt....  fear.....  but i didnt care. 

  I went to my dresser and took my soaking wet shirt and pants off.  I opened the top drawer of the dresser.  There it lie...So smooth,  so cold, so precise.  I turned to her, and the look of complete and utter devistation in my eyes,  I put 2 bullets in her chest. 

To this day  I still remember, as she lay there, gasping for air... her last words, her last gasps for air she said "I'm......... So...........Sorry"     and then she was gone.... 

I sat on the bed for 2 days, alone in this broken home.  I put the gun to my head, this was it, all was finished, there was nothing else... and nothing left....   I pulled the trigger.... *CLICK*   What happened? Was the gun empty?  Was it jammed?  I emptied the chamber, and removed the magazine, dry fired the gun, and reloaded the magazine.  This was it, my final moments on this earth, my last seconds alive, a lifetime of memories, concluded with the ultimate betrayal, and a devastating heart breaking conclusion.


I put the gun to my temple, my blood pressure high and body tempurate raised, I felt the cold steel pressed against me.  I took a deep breath, glanced at a couple photographs around the room, and pulled the trigger.

BOOM.  Instant Silence, Eternal Darkness...  It turns out a neighbor called the police after hearing the gunshots.  The paramedics found me, with my brains splattered acrross the bed, and my wife, and her affair.  My wife was not dead, spent a few weeks in I.C.U. and was later released from the hospital, fully recovered.  

The dirtbag she was having the affair with, was resuscitatedat the scene, underwent surgery to repair his fractured skill and broken vertebrates, also made a full recovery.

They are now married and have 2 beautiful girls.  Life's Final FUCK YOU to me.

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