The day my heart broke.

Usually around this time of year I just try to take it easy, and not freak out over what other people have to say.

I understand that many people got killed, many more got hurt, and many still feel the impact of what happened to this day. Like everyone I'm mad that it happened, and I want to see justice come to those who orchestrated it.

Throw away the conspiracy theories, Americas foreign policy, all that left wing right wing crap. Understand that a group of people who just went to work were murdered. Thats the reality of the situation. Innocent people were killed, and since then their tragic deaths have been pimped for others selfish purposes.

And thats what makes me really mad. That people get behind their causes and forget the people that were lost and hurt. That its turned into a story and an excuse to get mad at other people for not thinking the way they do.

The people on those planes, and in the buildings, they were travelers, employees, police, and firefighters, medics and good samaritans. They didn't have politcal agendas and their deaths really shouldn't become an agenda in itself. That completely demeans what happened, and the lives lost.

So if you gotta make a joke thats your prerogative then do it, if thats how you deal with the situation do it, just take other people into consideration because they don't grieve the same way you do. But also know that some people may take offense to that, so use some discretion.

If you are more somber, and solemn in your grieving don't get pissed at people who crack a joke, they're hurting too and dealing with it the best way they can.

All I ask out of the people who read this, is just remember the people who died, they deserve that much, and not to have their lives minimalized into a cause.

So take 9-11 just as it should be. A day to remember the people who passed, and leave political ideas, religious ideas, and all that other bullshit on the shelf. You can always pick up where you left off the next day.


Uploaded 09/12/2008
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