The Death of America. A Satire.

That's right my beloved friends, America is done like dinner, finito, pan fried, burnt , deep fried  boiled and baked. She was great while she lasted, all the great writers, musicians, actors, directors and artists. All gone, destroyed by the hand of greed and power. The great dream has faded our hopes and aspirations extinguished like birthday candles under the ocean.  All that is left are Rap and Hip hop, boils that have erupted like poison ivy on the skin of mankind.

It is said, that a nations greatness is measured by it's musical contribution at any given time. Actually, I just made that up, but it is as true today as it was just seconds ago. I reflect on the great masters that America has produced in the past and contrast that to today.  I cannot come up with one single name, not one single song that has moved me in recent years, from the once great USA. 


I can recall a great little song and songstress  from the past that once reflected the greatness of America. Hopefully, in time, after the free world crushes China and their allies in the third world war we will again be entertained with great music, great beauty and inspirational personalities who's virtues and significance in modern society have at least been denied us, at worse completely destroyed.  My friends, my brothers and sisters please lets join together and listen to Julie London sing, "Dream a Little Dream of Me", before we all go to hell on a boat made of icing sugar.

Uploaded 12/31/2010
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