The death of bluenote??...R.I.P you will be missed.

Blue You have been under attack recently and I have done my share of these. But dont leave EBW .I thought we would have fun attacking one another.Then you had to go and die!!! Why blownote y???? Who else attacked you?? there was me, vap, and fuckyou. and i read eshel used to attack you as well. But you know you started it every time.Dont leave!! Who else will make me happy about my life??? Jk Have some balls man.

Who thinks blue should come back?No one who attacks him randomly.......Ok I counted three hands....Well who wants him to stay dead??? One,two,three,four!!! Four and a half hands!! we haves us a winner!! Blue I am sorry but the angry crowd has spoken.rather raised their hands. Ok Now Who wants to be the new blue? How about you eshel? Or you haumight? or you angie1111111??? You guys could carry his bitter torch...Fight to the death ,last man standing is blue!!!!!

I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to make you cry.But tonight i am cleaning out my closet.Where i expect to find blue pissing vaseline out of his ass.Again....poor guy just doesnt understand the meaning of no.....Haha vap won and I won !!!!1!!! see!?

anyone who is not wit me is against me.Blue are you on a diet ?so you can get a new icon and return without looking like a well fed dirt bag??gramar is my friend.

I is matt and now i is the new Blue....But i will change the word blue to matt.



Uploaded 01/05/2009
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