The decline of modern blog ettiquete

As some of you may or may not be aware of, there's been a bit of a disagreement amongst a few members of our civilized gathering of associates known as the eBaums blogging community.  It appears as though everyone has their opinions as to who is in the wrong in this matter, even going so far as to take sides in this debacle.


For those of you who aren't aware, however, allow me to sum it up in a metaphorical recountance of what has led up to this point.


Let's say for a moment, if you will, that the blog section is a swimming pool.  Everyone is splashing around having a grand old time.  Every once in a while, someone pees in the pool.  Most of the time, everyone simply adjusts, and avoids the warm spot until it dissipates, the guilty party getting a stern look from the few that were nearby when the offense occurred.


Then, one day, a group of people decide "You know what?  It's our RIGHT to pee in this pool.  Some of us don't mind the warm water, not to mention the chemicals in the water neutralize any harm that may come of it, right?"  And so they did the unthinkable; they began encouraging others to pee as well, even bringing in their friends so their FRIENDS could pee in the pool.


Needless to say, someone spoke up eventually.  Which encouraged others to speak up.  Before you know it names are being called, education is being called into question and a line is being drawn down the middle (one side being noticeably warmer than the other).  Those who wish to preserve the purity of the water clamor for the return of their beloved crystal clear waters, and those who feel it is their divine right to vacate their bladders wherever they choose spew their nonsense with the heated passion only found in the defiantly ignorant.  They've even elected a leader, a self-proclaimed messiah as chosen by the people that matter (the pool peeing group).  This individual delights in nothing more than to see the chaos ensue, in all truth caring nothing for those they claim to speak for.


So what we're left with is a bunch of people causing waves, spreading pee throughout the entire body of water and ruining everyone's good time.


Unfortunately, it's going to take a while for all of the pee to get filtered through, and the water to return to a normal temperature.  So even after people stop peeing at a socially inacceptable rate, things are still going to be unsettleingly warm for a bit.  But here's the thing . . . in order for things to return to the way they were, people need to STOP PEEING IN THE GOD DAMN POOL!  SOME OF US COME HERE JUST TO GET IN AND SPLASH AROUND IN THE COOL WATER FOR A WHILE!  Sure, we understand that someone is going to come along and pee every once in a while, but this is getting riGODDAMNdiculous.


If you're offended by this, chances are you're one of the pool peeing group.  If you don't like me anymore, that is indeed unfortunate but I am sure I'll manage to soldier on.  But don't delude yourself into thinking your self-proclaimed messiah honestly gives half a shit about you; they're in it to laugh at the chaos that ensues.  How do I know?  If I didn't give a shit about this place I'd do it too, because it is funny, even from the perspective of one standing in the water (to an extent).


Oh, and let's all congratulate N0_U on the birth of her healthy baby girl.  Word just came in that everything went well, and that the mother and child are doing fine.  So be sure to leave a congratulatory comment on her profile, regardless of how you feel about her blogs.  (Hey N0_U, U mad?  trololol)

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