The Demise Of Rap And Hip Hop

I have noticed in the last while that the genres of rap and hip hop have abandoned all search for quality, if there was much to begin with. However recently in the media I have noticed a subtle acceleration in the decline of rap and hip hop alike. When Rick Ross is a highly anticipated release, the end is coming, when videos like STANKY LEG (youtube it if you can't find it or haven't seen it) and more recently this video hit the mainstream DO THE RICKY BOBBY (Also Youtube it) Furthermore, when a well known rap artist LIL WAYNE decides to start making Rock n Roll something is up, on top of that when someone such as LiL Wayne who is one of the most horrible rappers in the history of rap reaches such popularity something is wrong. I have also caught word that southern rappers Bun B and Chamillionaire mention going to college and liking it in an up and coming release. I honestly think some of these videos I have listed above get so popular on youtube for being horrible and everyone wanting to show their friends how bad it is, and then some moron in a recording studio sees 600,000 views and decides it must be good so lets sign this piece of trash.


Rap, RIP in 2010 I doubt the genre will be in the media as much as it is currently. BET had better start showing old episodes of Sanford and Son because the whole Gangster thing is on its way out..


Thanks whoever is responsible for the demise of this wretched genre and the dumb fucks that try to live it.

Uploaded 04/30/2009
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