The difference between football and the American sport of throwy

First off I'm Irish not british just so the idiots who keep calling me a dumb Brit know the difference. Secondly I do actually enjoy watching you're game of "football". Cant watch it live to many stops and breaks i watch the highlights.


OK so here goes


1st: Football (our sport) has been around longer

2nd: We actually use our feet for about 98% of the game where as American football is the opposite

3rd:Our football dominates the world with over 90% of the world playing or watching, It has even become so popular America is doing everything to get it to take off over there buy bringing over big name European footballers like David Beckham and paying them ridiculous amount's pf money to play. American football doesn't get this sort of global domination or audience's, even the Superbowl wouldn't get this much interest. 4/10 people only watch it for the half time show

4th If you were to properly name American football it would probably be stop-and-talk-then-punty-throwy-catchy-runny-hope you don't get tackled-ball

5th Our global domination is shown by competitions such as The World Cup (which when American qualifies ye go nuts for it then when you get knocked out its back to "sure soccer sucks) American football is confined to one nation!!

6th American men only hate it cause they cant play it and there women are better than they are at it!!

7th Some fouls and tackles in football can results in hard hits and heavy falls and serious injury all while not being protected by a ton of padding

8th Our game requires a lot of skill and tact not just Brut force


But in my opinion both are good sport's which require a lot of physical fitness and dedication. But the simple fact of the matter is 90% of the world call it football 10% (America) call it soccer and its only that way cause ye would get to confused if ye had football and American football, when we talk about the sports we say football if where talking about our game and American football if were talking about you're game not that hard to do. So we'll keep our football you can have your  stop-and-talk-then-punty-throwy-catchy-runny-hope you don't get tackled-ball !!!

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