The Different Types of People on Ebaumsworld PART FIVE

#5. It’s FAKE!


Okay. Let’s get one thing straight. This is the internet. You can post anything and everything your heart desires- real or not, stupid or cool, funny or lame. I think it’s safe to assume that much of what is on the internet is fake. Yes? Yes. That being said, I am sick of the people who say everything is “FAKE!”. Yeah, it probably is but so is our entire media. Movies are fake, TV shows are fake, cartoons are fake. So what if something is fake? It’s entertainment. It doesn’t have to be real. When’s the last time you were entertained by watching grass grow? Why doesn’t someone make a video of clouds floating by? Because no one wants to see the same everyday shit, that’s why. When I finally get inside from being out all day, I don’t want to turn on FOX to see some birds flying around the screen, shitting on cars. Pass!


You want to talk about how something is fake? How about celebrity boobs? Who am I kidding? Everyone loves celebrity boobs. What else are married men going to think of while doing their wife? Poor men. I feel bad when I see a man with a wife who looks like someone villagers would be chasing.

Uploaded 06/27/2008
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