The Different Types of People on Ebaumsworld PART TWO

#2. The People Who Think They Are Funny


These people normally take me totally by surprise but they are pretty easy to find on ANY movie, picture, or joke comment box. They only come in two forms: 1. they create their own comment about the media file or 2. they comment on someone else’s comment. Both ALWAYS have around -6 to their comment posting too.


For the first one…


The person who does this normally tries to overanalyze everything- why the egg didn’t break, why gravity works, why the movie was faked…These are the same people who try to explain their “play on words” or their “jokes”. Hint: if you have to explain it, it isn’t funny. We’ve all been there, standing next to someone who makes a lame joke and when no one laughs, he or she tries to explain it. It always creates this vortex of awkward silence. Everyone begins to shift uneasily until someone else either laughs out of pity or starts talking about the weather. Imagine this…only ONLINE! While I’m at it, let me point out something else. No good joke starts with a dictionary definition. None. Not ever. I automatically ‘thumb down’ the comment just out of spite.


In the second category…


We have the people that try to suck off of the popular comment teat. When someone has a funny comment, there’s no need to post below them in hopes of getting extra eRep points. Not even ‘lol’ or ‘you’re awesome’. If they are that awesome, go suck them off. I think they would appreciate that. There’s no need to contradict them either. No one cares if you can spell correctly. You do not have to go into quantum physics with them. Most of the people visiting the site don’t have Ph.Ds. so you’re not impressing anyone by looking up information online to use in an argument. You’re not smart. It’s okay. Embrace it. Someone has to bag my groceries.


People seem to get offended if no one finds their comment funny. Just because the voices in your head are laughing, doesn’t mean we are.


PART THREE coming soon…

Uploaded 06/26/2008
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