The downer of being a control freak...

So... Mr. Assclown and I run our own business together. I work in the office answering phones and I also dance. We have had a recent influx of girls who want to dance, but have been rather screwed on the bookers shifts. So on the bright side, we are now open for day AND night shifts, but I'm working double shifts to keep up our business. The problem now is that i am working three 16 hour shifts a week, one 18 hour shift a week, one 8 hour shift, and one 10 hour shift a week. Its for a good cause, but fuck if it isn't tiring.

Anywho, I'm a bit of a control freak, which is why i'm putting myself on for so much work. I know i could have a girl work a double dancing shift, or have our booker take on an extra day of work, but essentially I am a control freak and live by the philosophy of "If you want something done right, do it yourself" (This philosophy does not apply to house cleaning, laundry folding, or most other domestic duties). So throughout the 2+ years our business has been open, I've put myself in this "take charge" position a number of times, whether it be to save ourselves paying someone else $8/hr to answer phones while we oversee or work "in the field" to bring home the dancer cheese. I think I'm gonna be stuck in this position for some time, as my booker is being rather emotional and can't be trusted to work on her own, which affects how much money we make. Thus far this week, she has brought in a total of $810 in fees over a period of four 8-hr dayshifts (which many people are paid out of, so while it's a large number, the amount we pocket is far less). I managed to book $830 in a single 8-hr dayshift and a grand total of $2500 in the past four office shifts I've worked since monday. Given that comparison, my inner control freak feels the need to push myself as much as physically possible to make it worth our time.

I'm not trying to bitch about work, and i know, the question of "if she's not making money, then why keep her on?" is running through your heads... it's difficult finding people intelligent and with enough common sense who are willing to work for $8/hr to answer phones. It's also very time consuming to train new people, who often decide that they can do better elsewhere or prove to be unreliable. So at least this one shows up on time to work everytime she's scheduled to work. If you have any "if/then" statements to toss at me about how our business ought to be run, kindly write them on a 3x5 notecard in black ink and shove them up Volcomelement34's ass.

I supose I'm blogging about it because even though it's exhausting, it's also a bit rewarding. Knowing I am the powers that are behind what brings in our money does a lot for my ego. I dropped out of college like a fool after 2 years, and while it wouldn't be impossible to go back, it would hurt our business if I went back anytime soon. So running the show at work gives me a reason to be proud of myself, all things considered.

Oh, and while I have your attention, there are pictures and video from my overly drunk night last tuesday. I'll post them based on how many people want to see them.

Uploaded 07/11/2009
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