The Draft

Sometimes, the United States needs to call upon it's young men to fight for it's cause. In the Second World War, the draft was used to stop German and Japanese aggression. In the Vietnam conflict, it was used to stop Communism's proliferation in south-east Asia. Now we are in combat against Insurgents in Afghanistan. Maybe it is time for another draft, but who would go? I think I would. I think it's my duty to serve my country that has given me so much. Many people say that the draft is inhumane, sending people to fight in a war they might not agree with. Maybe they're right, and it is inhumane, but to me and to other people I know, it's what we're supposed to do simply as Americans. Is the system flawed? Yes. Is there corruption? Yes. Are there causes that we have fought for which are illegitimate? Yes. But being drafted doesn't mean you're fighting the war you like or dislike. No one likes a war. The point is that you'd serve whether you are protecting us from invasion, or to control a region most of us have never heard about or care about. The point is that you're there. All we could ever hope for is that we aren't wasted by our leaders. There is a right war and a wrong war, and we've been in both of them.

I also know many people that wouldn't go if they were asked. Well that's their opinion, and it might be their choice in the future. I just hope they would respect the decisions of those that did go. I would hope they can see that since they were born here in this country, they could have their opinion freely. I just hope they appreciate it. Some people are disenchanted with America, and for some good reasons. We've been robbed, lied to, and double crossed by our leaders. That's why we need to be politically active and vote out leaders that have these issues. 

In conclusion, I think it's our duty as Americans to fight for her. Don't fight for the President, or the Politicians. Fight for the principles our country was founded on. Mother Fucking Freedom. 

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