The Dreaded Neko Punch Strikes Again

My hallways are clean. I Neko-punched the trolls out of my section and you probably noticed how many new bloggers arrived. Now that there's no drama llamas like Tyaeda, Letemdangle or Rednote67, the actual bloggers share ideas and talk about intellectual stuff. New bloggers started posting. ZeroEnygma, Gyps, Kerli, xxskyjackerxx. But also the ones that already had experience - SLACKJAW, Missgreenstuff, Keld0n. But some trolls can't understand they're not welcome in my section and had to come back to wave their tale and bark at me.

One of them is the beaten troll Letemdangle, who we all know as the whiny bitch who cried about people not reading his blogs anymore. You might remember his whimper about how he stops blogging. Apparently he thought the staff is going to pm him asking not to go or shit. Nobody cared about that drama queen, so he left. And by leaving I mean he blogged from his Lucky Lucia alt instead. Since still noone gives a shit, he came back and started his typical troll bull shit with me, an actual blogger. One he worships and hates because I represent everything he can't be - quality, intelligence and beauty. I already Neko-punched that bitch so many times. I guess I have to do it again.

Another troll who's been poluting my section recently is Rin. You probably know her as ViralDarkness. I don't mind her posting here. But seriously, half of your blogs are about me, fatty. Is it because I proved you can't speak Asian? I even wrote a nice guide for people like her (the one where I say fat hogs are disgusting), but she apparently didn't appreciate my tips. Stay fat if you want, but why do you have to be mean to people who are trying to help you? So many people seen you on live chat and agree that you have an obesity problem. I know this is harsh, but you have to be Neko-punched. So you learn the important life lesson.

And last (and least) is the blogger wannabe GIJoe, who's trying so much to fit in. He even made a Quality Bloggers group, so people think he is one. He wrote maybe.... 12 blogs? That's impressive, mate. Where did you get all those ideas? It prolly took you a lot of time to write them? Normally I would ignore him like you do with the town fool. But he constantly whores for my attention. 1stars my blogs from alts, rates down comments from people who leave positive feedback to my work. He also keeps posting comments about how he hates me, only proving his obsession. He already got a warning from the staff for giving out my personal information. Now he's probably even more butt hurt. Why don't you post a few blogs in my section? Try to actually earn your place in here. Among actual bloggers like me who wrote over 150 blogs and don't have to make a group so people think I know how to write. You had your chance to atone, but now you need to be dealt with. It's Neko punch for you


To the actual bloggers who make this section - Continue being great!


PS. I would like to thank Hakik for making the official Neko punch Ebaumsworld card.
Uploaded 07/19/2011
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