the ebaumsworld truth.

I have always gone to this site whenever I would get a chance I was here ever since this site was just a single grain of sand in a world of giant mountains towering over all. There is a lot of stuff you dont know and have never heard of about this site. I still remember what this website used to look like many years ago. I always would go and browse around getting my daily laugh. Ebw started from one person with one dream to open up a full website exactly as it is now, the problem was that person was an asshole. His name was eric bauman, everything you stare upon right now was once one persons dream. Eric infuriated so many people, he stole so much. There was an old watermark for ebaumsworld that eric spread upon so much media that he had stolen from sites such as ytmnd, something Awful, Albino Blacksheep, 4chan, olde english, Weeebll's Stuff and even newgroundsIn 2003 eric recieved legal threats by corporations citing unauthorized use of trademarked names or copyrighted material. Ebaum was a hacker and an asshole. He made so many people so damn angry. An animation titled animator vs. animation was stolen from The author of the animation wrote

Hello, I am the author of Animator vs. Animation...

I feel so ashamed, and the world is ashamed of me.

I fell into eBaum's trap. I gave them fuel to fight back.

With their constant persuasion and offers for money, they made me write a quote saying that everything was fine. Of course everything was fine for me, because I had the money they had given me. What can you expect, I was dead poor before, I have no experience with business. The quote says they contacted me before they posted my animation on their website, however I did not give them permission to put it on.



Uploaded 07/20/2009
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