The "Egg" Has FINALLY Hatched...

I am pretty sure that the vast majority of "EBW" is now aware of the "EGGSPOSE"


It was a shock to me and I mean this in no small measure, that the friend I had chatted to for such a long time here on "EBW" was so unceremoniously "EGGSPOSED"


Shock, in so far as:- Hey, we talked..[virtually] We laughed together, we shared things, we hurt together...... Jeez, we've even cried together.

So, the question is.... What do we have here..?


I found out from another good friend of mine here on "EBW" that "EggOnlyEgg" was not whom she appeared to be..... "SHOCK/HORROR"

I guess I just believed everyone on-line was who they claimed to be.... Male/Female, Fat/Thin, Gorgeous/Ugly....etc..

Well, fortunately I was one of the 90+% of people here on "EBW" who was not quite so gullible.....

My feelings towards "EGG" have in no way changed. I still feel secure in the fact that feelings and thoughts that I have shared with her will forever remain private, just as much as the things she shared with me will remain so...

I care not, that "EGG" wanted to remain anonymous yet portray herself in some vivid way to others here on "EBW"... I care not, that some people are disturbed by any insecurities they have and feelings of being violated by untruths....

I care for the freedom of any person to be whomsoever they want to be and the freedom of this virtual "EBW" which gives so many people.... so many hopes.

For many of you "Newbies" here on "EBW", many who won't yet have met "Egg". This is a fine woman who set the trend for "Female Features".... A very rare thing here on "EBW" in the early days.

I have nestled this"Egg" from a newbie and watched her grow, she started slow and on a long hard road in such a pre-dominately male "EBW" yet she stood firm and strong and battled on, she fought the good fight and truly earned the respect of myself and many other old-timers with some superb uploads and some damn good persistence for the good of "EBW"


"EggOnlyEgg" is still "EggOnlyEgg"

it's just.......She Hatched...................


Always remember sweetie.....

Life is almost never wrapped in a pretty bow,

yet it always remains a precious gift x


Uploaded 06/01/2009
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