The End of the Beginning

We all try to plan our lives

But our paths are formed from the tiniest surprise

In their favorite orchard, she told him the news

At first he was shocked, and could not talk, or move


But then a smile broke out on his lips

He pulled her close, and gave her a kiss

Jacob always knew he would be a father

The news didnt upset him, or make him all bothered


He said, I cannot believe,

 this is happening.

Wherever we go, and whatever we do,

Were together forever and Ill always be true.


They would be married, they quickly decided

They had a ceremony, which his small wages provided.

They got married sooner, than he wouldve liked.

He couldn't afford, the best doctor that night.


The baby was coming way too soon

He paced and he prayed, while in the next room.

His whole body shivered, as he heard her screams

Every night after, it would haunt his dreams


It was unbearable as he watched the clock.

But the worst sound overall, was when it all stopped.

The doc was unable to save his wife.

While bleeding so badly, she lost her life


The baby was also too small to survive.

He held his little girl, in his arms

When she died.


No-one can know the over-whelming grief

His pain, and his shame simply wouldnt cease.

His mother and father tried to give him relief

But he blamed himself, they could not change this belief


Is there a God? Then, why so much pain?
Ive seen it, and lived it, again and again
Is there a plan? What is our future?

A wound thats eternal,

That you cant sew or suture


Over and over, he thought of his mistakes

As he sat through her funeral,

And attended their wakes

Trying to decide, why the Lord had to take,

It seemed, not even the innocent were safe.


Trying to find a reason to live,

His wandering soul came upon Broken-heart bridge.

At odds with his god, and filled with hate,

He ultimately got angry, and threw away his faith.

If he couldnt have his wife or his daughter,

His soul would be received, by the dark and chilly water.


Somehow he remembered, his wedding in December,

When he gave his wife his pledge

But when she died, his heart had no guide

He was pushed too close to the edge.

Finding her loss was too high a cost,

He leapt off of the ledge.


He found as he broke the waters surface,

His heart didnt feel, uneasy or nervous.

With no-one by his side, and nothing to thank,

Jacob succumbed to his sadness, and quietly sank


Sometimes in our lives, when in the midst of a storm,

Salvation can come, in many forms

We are drug down, by our pain and our fear,

And the direction to go, is never quite clear


Hope has wings, and bears all things,

And in this case, it floats

Old man McGee, was a man of the sea,

And he pulled Jacob into his boat


are you okay? he yelled through the rain,

Patting him on his back.

McGee rowed home,

With Jacob soaked to the bone,

And they both went into his shack


Wild with fever, water in his lungs,

Jacob ranted and raved, with a loose tongue.

Old man McGee learned what he had done

And his wife recalled, where he came from


The wife sat down by Jacobs side

And tearfully told him how her brothers died.

They had both been young, and smart, and strong.

But the cholera came, and they didnt last long.


Here one day, and then they were gone,

The sickness also claimed, her best friend and her mom.


She explained the reason she confided in him:

Life is short, and could be gone on a whim.

The strength to survive must come from within.

And to give up the gift, of life is a sin.


And then she left him to his thoughts,

Which at this point, he had quite a lot.

With his inner demons, he wrestled and fought

Jacob searched what he felt, and had been taught.


And as he rested, and healed where he lay,

He began to question why he had been saved.

He had tried to throw it all away,

So why was he here, still living today?


Jacob finally arose from the bed,

There was a shortness in his breath

And a pounding in his head.

But when he thought of the alternative,

At least he was not dead.


He quietly came down the stairs

And for a brief moment was really quite scared.

He had told them so much,

And was quite aware,

 He was still a stranger

And did not belong there.


But they welcomed him

As one of their own

And after eating their breakfast,

Mcgee took Jacob home.


As Mcgee slowly made,

His way through the waves,

Jacob quietly marveled

At the beauty of the day.


I dont hardly know ye,

Old McGee began to say,

But I can tell in your eye,

And the way that you sigh,

Youve seemed tove lost your way.


I cannot pretend to know your pain,

But I know its enough,

To drive you insane.


But as much as it hurts to lose your lover,

If you killed yourself, youd hurt countless others.

Be strong, and be true,

And seek others advice,

Youve been given a gift,

That wont happen twice.


McGee waved to Jacob

As he pushed off from the shore.

With nowhere to go,

He went to his parents door.


Now Jacob admitted he wasnt too close to the town,

But they took care of their own,

Especially when down.


There were so man offerings,

Their table was filled,

Even a small collection,

To help pay his bills.

Along with some letters,

From various guilds.

Invitations to employment,

And training in skills.


It moved Jacobs heart,

From the depths where it lay,

In more ways then one,

He knew hed been saved.


All he could do was try,

Each and every darkened day.

And every time hed know they cared,

Through generous displays


Old man McGee and he

Became the best of friends

And through this sad time,

He began to find,

The hole in his soul

Could mend



Sometimes in our lives,

were hurt and deprived,

And life becomes a test,

Of your will to survive


These battles weve fought,

Can be lost or won

And when everything comes,

unraveled and undone

Know if one life ends,

Another has begun






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