The Faces Behind the Keyboard


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 I know that most of you didn't realize that some jackass would post your ugly mutant pics for their own personal e-rep gain. It’s sad to say that without a shadow of a doubt that this is the typical crowd working at your local waffle house or the late night crew working at wal-mart. while it’s very hard to run into mutants like these during normal business hours I am very pleased that someone took the time to post this crap since with everything going on during the holiday season I haven't had the time to go on a late night drinking binge and run into any of the various local mutants that I usually find asking for change while leaving the bar late night. There’s no comment that could fully explain or destroy this gallery of pics, this gathering of mutants is by far one of the best web gems I have come across in a long time and has awakened by inner douche bag that I have been suppressing for a while. with that in mind you have to ask yourself this question "how in the world do these people have access to a computer, some type of camera and feel the need to post their glorified mutant ass on the web?" well one reason is that the fear of going out in general public that a lynch mob might form with pitch forks and torches to drive these beasts back to their caves from where the reside. So that question also would leave you to ask "Is this the end of the world? is this when the mutants will take over the day light and rule the world?" the answer is no. as long as we keep the internet up and running the chances of you running into one of these foul beast is about 20%. Luckily for you there's a weapon that you can use to fight off such horrible monstrosities such as these. whether your male or female, some type of alcohol should be your first line of defense, when all else fails, simply tell the mutant that the world of war craft server needs their help immediately, this will work on both female and male mutants alike because you will not be able to distinguish what sex type they are. so you ask "well how do I tell what type of sex they are?" the answer is you don't because mutants do not have sex to reproduce they simple are a-sexual and that is a good thing unless you accidently drank a whole bottle of tequila and were trapped by one of them. I have included a pic of myself just in case any of the mutants feel the need to know what they are dealing with. I hope that when Obama is sworn into office that his first duty will be to arm us with pitch forks and flame throwers so we can drive these beast back to their local waffle house or wal-mart so that we will not have to be scared and taken advantage of another horrible gallery of pics like these. Thank you for reading and may no mutant cross your path.

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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