The Facts. Keeping your female companion in her place.

   If you are a man between the ages of 18-40, Than you know how out of line your female friends/soulmate can get. I'm going to teach you in five easy tips how to show your beloved girlfriend who's the boss.
Tip 1. If your female friend steps out of line once give her a warning.                                             Tip 2. If your female friend steps out of line at a dinner party/get together than raise the back of your right hand over your left ear and make eye contact with her, she is guaranteed to notice and perhaps even apoligise.                                                                                                                                  Tip 3. If she persists to step out of line, Grab her by the forearm ring her into a bathroom or kitchen anywhere Isolated, and proceed to strike her in the face as many times as deemed neccesary for her behavior.                                                                                                                      Tip 4. If your female companion/Date persists to step out of line or make uneccesary remarks than I strongly suggest you no longer use open hand strikes and resort to closed fist punches, perhaps it may even be neccesary to wear brass knuckles whenever you are with your female friend so that she may look at your hand and think twice before making snide remarks.           Tip 5. None of these actions can be executed 100% succesfully unless you are under the influence, It is also very effective if you cary a bottle of jack daniels around with you wherever you go so your female friends may know you are under the influence and are not to be f***ed with.

            This has been The Facts. by Volcomelement34.
Uploaded 02/19/2011
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