The Fall Of Professional Wrestling

I bet most of you watched wrestling ever since you were kids and remember legends like Hulk Hogan or Chris Benoit. It was interesting to watch your favorite warrior fight and there was always a variety of wrestlers so you could pick one you related to. The patriotic Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the bad-ass Stinger, the evil Vince MacMahon, the faggot (cyclist) Undertaker or that guy with one leg. Later there was even a bunch of tramps because a lot of trailer trash went to watch the show.

Today there's this new stupid MMA federation that makes wrestling look like a ballet for queers. The wrestlers rarely have an interesting personality there. Even the cool story background is skipped and they just fight. I don't know if that's the right word. They dogfight. Because they just hit each other like a couple of drunks, trying to beat the other one, usually bringing them to the floor. Where are the special moves? Or the finishers?

Another thing that's different is that wrestling used to mean something. For example, WWF used a lot of money gained from selling tickets to save endangered species, like pandas. MMA uses all that money for advertisement. It's so sad that something as great as wrestling has been reduced to gay cage fights

Uploaded 08/08/2011
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