The Famous and Their Fans

Back to my favorite part of my site (I can say my site now). I Don't hate this group, I just find them ignorant a lot of the time. Now, I'm being a little hypocritical, considering I want to be one of these people but still by the end of this paragraph you wil dislike them at least a little. anyway, these people believe that they are in higher regard then everyone else because they have money and they are well known. I figure that you are no better then me or anyone else, your replaceable. I heard this person last year say that you shouldn't make fun of our president, and be respectful because he's our president... He is just a person like you, me, or anyone else. I dont like him but he still is just a person and makes mistakes just like anyone else. but if anyone else made a mistake like that, they'd be in jail. But this guy can say oops and its okay. But anyway it annoys me that people could hold a human above everyone else. He is not god, he is a president who has replacements if he was gone. His dumb goofy smile, anyway because he is famous or anyone is famous doesn't mean that he is a greater person. Like I said, I don't hate Famous people, I Hate when they are held above everyone else. A person gets shot in the Barrio and you don't hear about it in the news. a talentless singer dies in a plane crash and everyones sad. Fuck that shit. The Paparazzi is the worst group of people because thats just what they do. and if you challenge them. They rub you out of the picture. anyway they make these people look glamorous or try and make them look evil or whatnot and it's bullshit and it wont help anyone. you want to do something with your news career that really matters then stop writing for Vogue and Seventeen and write about the Africa, China, Iraq, and Mexico. Don't write about people that noone will ever talk about after 20 years because they are out of a job. Fuck that its stupid and nobody cares

Uploaded 01/29/2009
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